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    Digital Display Advertising

    splitPanel is a product that allows you to take any LCD screen and turn it into a powerful Digital Display Advertising Solution.

    splitPanel is web based which allows our panels to pull web content from RSS feeds, websites, youtube, weather sites, and more.

    If you would like to learn more about this powerful solution, take a look through this website and contact us for a demo today.


    splitPanel is a solution for any LCD digital display advertising requirement. It can be used to push display advertising to any HDMI connected screen. Each display can be configured to any resolution and orientation.

    Some ideas of where you can use splitPanel are:

    • Grain Elevators
    • Ag Implement Dealers
    • Auto Dealerships
    • Real Estate Offices
    • Mall Outlets
    • Doctors Offices
    • Pharmacies
    • Retail Stores
    • and more …
    Unlimited Layouts - Scheduled to your Needs


    With splitPanel you can pull1 content from the internet or use your own content. Some of our content widgets are:

    • Current Weather2
    • Forecast Weather2
    • RSS Crawler/Ticker
    • RSS Feed Display Block
    • Market/Commodity Tickers3
    • Text Blocks (your content)
    • Image Blocks (your content)
    • Flash Blocks (your content or linked)
    • Video Blocks (your content, linked, YouTube, or Vimeo)4
    • need more? we’ll add your required widgets.

    1If you are pulling 3rd party content into your splitPanel, you must ensure you have permission to use the content from the 3rd party. 2Weather information may not be available for every location. We will do our best to find the most accurate and local weather sources for you. 3Market and Commodity information is available through a few 3rd party suppliers. We work closely with a couple of these vendors to offer you the solutions you are looking for. These suppliers charge an additional monthly fee for these feeds. We will work with you to get you the information you require at the best possible price. 4When displaying 3rd party video, you must ensure that you have permission to do so. If displaying any youtube video, you must ensure any advertising content on the splitPanel that is generating revenue would generate that revenue without the youtube content.


    Our most affordable option is to re-purpose the LCD that you already own. If you already have the LCD screen that you would like to use, please ensure that it has a HDMI connection.

    splitPanel License & Box: $800
    splitPanel Monthly Fee: $150 (Minimum 2 Year Contract)

    If you require additional hardware, we can have screens, mounts and accessories all drop shipped to your location for your new signage solution.

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